Ximagic Photoshop plugins
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Plugin installation

To install a plugin you have two options:

  1. Put the 8bf file into one of the folders were your plugin host look for plugins.
  2. Add the folder were you put the 8bf file to the ones that the plugin host look for plugins.

If you have several plugin hosts it is better to have one folder to put plugins and add it to the lookup list of all the plugin hosts.

The default folder for some plugin hosts:

  • Photoshop (CS5 or older): [PSHOME]/Plug-Ins/Filters/
  • Photoshop (CS6 or newer): [PSHOME]/Plug-Ins/
  • PaintShop Pro: [PSPHOME]/Languages/[LANGUAGE]/[PLUGINS]/ (depends on the PaintShop version)
  • GIMP: [GHOME]/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/8bf/
  • IrfanView: [IVHOME]/Plugins/Adobe 8BF/
  • Photobie: [PBHOME]/Plugin/
  • PhotoPerfect(FixFoto): [PPHOME]/8bf/
  • XnView: [XNHOME]/8bf/

Add a folder to the list of plugin folders:

  • Photoshop (CS6 or older): Edit->Preferences->Plugins (Only one supplementary folder allowed)
  • Photoline : Filter > Manage Plug-ins > Add folder
  • PaintShop Pro: File->Preferences->File Locations->Plugins
  • GIMP: Exts->Photoshop Plugins settings
  • IrfanView: Image->Effects->Adobe 8bf filters->Add 8bf Filters
  • Photobie: Filters->Photoshop 8BF filters->Manager 8bf Filters
  • PhotoPerfect(FixFoto): Files->Options->Paths->Plugin Directory (Only one folder allowed)
  • XnView: Tools->Options->System Integration->Adobe Plugins


  • Photoshop (CS6 or older): Only allows one supplementary 8bf folder.
  • PaintShop Pro: The default Folder changes between versions.
  • GIMP: You must have PSPI installed.
  • IrfanView: Even if the plugins are in the default directory, it must be loaded with Image->Effects->Adobe 8bf filters->Add 8bf Filters.
  • Photobie: Even if the plugins are in the default directory, it must be loaded with Filters->Photoshop 8BF filters->Manager 8bf Filters.
  • PhotoPerfect: Only allows one 8bf folder.

For other hosts, usually each one have a plugin directory or a register method or both.