Ximagic Photoshop plugins
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The plugin accept RGB color and grayscale images.

  • Images
    • Original image
    • Transformed image
  • Selection thumb & saved previews
    • Selection thumb Shows the currently showing area of the image and allows to move it
    • Saved Previews Each time a calculate preview is issued (partial or full) the result is temporarily saved. A saved preview can be viewed by selecting the corresponding line in the saved previews table.
    • Discard selected preview Discard the saved preview currently selected in the table and showing in the images tabs
    • Calculate preview The calculate preview button calculates the preview
  • Colorspace
    • Colorspace (RGB/YCbCr/CIELab) Usually, it is better to work on a colorspace which separate color from luminosity as YCbCr or CIELab.
  • Channel Levels
    • Channel 1 levels Levels of 1st channel.
      Channel 2 levels Levels of 2nd channel.
      Channel 3 levels Levels of 3rd channel
  • Pattern/Random dithering
    • Fixed pattern Select one from the values. There are diffusion and halftone patterns.
    • Custom pattern
      • Pattern: Select one of the values.
      • Load Button to load a custom threshold pattern from a file. The file must have the format explained in the custom pattern (below).
      • Delete Button to delete the selected custom threshold pattern
    • Calculated Pattern
      • Shape Circle
      • W Horizontal distance between center of shapes
      • H Vertical distance between center of shapes
    • Random
  • Error Dithering
    • % Error propagation Value of error diffused default 100%.
    • Array
      • Methods
        • Floyd-Steinberg
        • Ulichney
        • Fan
        • Jarvis
        • Stucki
        • Sierra3
        • Sierra2
        • Sierra42A
      • Serpentine scan Select serpentine scan of image.
    • Space filling curve
      • Methods
        • Riemersma
      • Queue size Number of pixels remembered

custom pattern

Custom pattern

Custom threshold patterns can be loaded from files with the appropriate format or from images.
After a pattern is loaded it remain stored until the user deletes it.
The maximum pattern size is 262144 (width*height)

To load from a file
  • The file format should be:

    [width] [height]
    [matrix row 1 values separated by blanks]
    [matrix row 2 values separated by blanks]
    [matrix row n values separated by blanks]
    The values must be integers (see Wikipedia/ordered_dithering)
    An example file
  • Method
    • Start Ximagic ColorDither and push the load button in the custom pattern line
    • In the load dialog fill the pattern name, select "from file", fill the file name and push the ok button
To load from an image
  • The 1st channel of the current transformed image in the plugin will be imported as a threshold matrix
    Image of the pattern Diffusion 8x8
    Image of the pattern Halftone orthogonal 8x8
  • Method:
    • Open the threshold image in the editor.
    • Start Ximagic ColorDither.
    • Push the Load button in the custom pattern line
    • In the load dialog, fill the pattern name, select from image, and push ok button.
    • When the image is loaded, a message box with the width and height of the pattern will appear.
    • The plugin will end. The image selected in the editor is the threshold and the plugin should end to allow the user to select another image.