Ximagic Photoshop plugins
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  • Threshold dithering with matrix by channel.
  • Allow configurable error diffusion dithering.
  • Include Stevenson Arce dithering.
  • GPU support


v 3.9.4 1-May-2015

  • Fixed issue in plug-in activation.

v 3.9.3 30-Mar-2015

  • Fixed potential issue in plug-in start.

v 3.9.2 26-Mar-2015

  • Fixed "final eol required" bug in custom pattern loading.

v 3.9.1 25-Mar-2015

  • Mac- Fixed bug in custom pattern dialog

v 3.9.0 18-Feb-2015

  • Win- Added support for high DPI monitors on DPI-aware hosts (like Photoshop)
  • Fixed "not enough memory" bug when processing very large images
  • Win- Fixed crash when calling different Ximagic plug-ins in the same host session
  • Updated compilers and external libraries
  • Mac- Minimum OS X version is now 10.7 (Lion)

v 3.8.0 22-Mar-2013

  • Updated all the external libraries

v 3.7.3 04-Nov-2012

  • Fixed bug in new version check. Versions 3.7.0 to 3.7.2 doesn't show new version notifications

v 3.7.2 01-Nov-2012

  • Fixed bug in log code

v 3.7.1 31-Oct-2012

  • Mac- Fixed bug in UI code

v 3.7.0 30-Oct-2012

  • Changed licence to shareware
  • Decreased communication with server
  • SQ- Patched to allow quicker cancellation
  • Win- patched UI code
  • Patch problem in images with size > 30.000

v 3.6.5 03-Sep-2012

  • Fixed bug in multi-thread control.
  • Win- Avoid crashes when there are unexpected exceptions in UI code.

v 3.6.4 13-Aug-2012

  • Win- Fixed GDI leak. The plgug-ins could crash if used more than 50 times (more or less) in the same host session
  • Win- Fixed bug in progress window. The plug-in could freeze if the progress window is moved when the calculation finish.
  • Win- Fixed modal behavoir. Fix some problems in PSPI.
  • Changes in log

v 3.6.3 29-Jul-2012

  • Log size decreased
  • Win- Close gracefully when there are GDI errors.
  • Win- Remove some log sends.

v 3.6.2 26-Jul-2012

  • Bug fixes.
  • Changes to the log.
  • Changes to the SystemInfo.

v 3.6.1 18-Jul-2012

  • Fix for PS 5 and PixBuilder

v 3.6.0 17-Jul-2012

  • Added embedded ICC profile support.
  • Data added to System Information
  • Log changes
  • Win- Fixed crash when sending log before About window
  • Win- Fixed potential freeze due to focus issue.
  • Win- Fixed bug when closing with ALT+F4 or CRTL-Int
  • Win- Changes in SystemInfo window
  • Win- Internal loop changes.
  • Mac- Fixed warning "unexpected condition preview 2"

v 3.5.5 24-Jun-2012

  • Internal change which reduces calculation times, amount varies for each plugin/method and image size
  • Updated threading library.
  • Somes fixes in System Info (time & address win).
  • Win - Fixed bug in progress control with could crash the plug-in.
  • Win - Tested with PixBuilder.

v 3.5.4 08-Jun-2012

  • Win- Saved previews bugs. Doesn't update when using up or down keys. Doesn't scroll when selected line is not visible.
  • Mac- Saved previews bug. Doesn't scroll when selected line is not visible.
  • Win- Log two exceptions not included in log.

v 3.5.3 05-Jun-2012

  • System info - Fixed modality, removed ocl and free memory when not reported.

v 3.5.2 01-Jun-2012

  • Fixed bug which could freeze of plug-in host after a "not enough memory" message.
  • Fixed bug which could crash plug-in when sending log.
  • Win- Added option to copy log to clipboard before sending it.
  • Win- Recovered OK button in About window.
  • Win- Buttons on some dialogs changed to display english text instead of local.

v 3.5.1 29-May-2012

  • Fixed bug in new memory management

v 3.5.0 29-May-2012

  • Changed memory management to be able to use host and os memory.
  • Added post log submit when not enough memory

v 3.4.1 13-May-2012

  • Win- Modify log to take into account simultaneous execution in several processes.
  • Mac- Solved freeze when the application becomes non-active during processing.
  • Mac- Tentative solution for crash when opening the plug-in.

v 3.4.0 05-May-2012

  • Added System info button, to be used for user support
  • Leak hunting. Several memory leaks found and solved
  • Mac - Deep internal rework

v 3.3.1 12-Apr-2012

  • Guard against comm related errors.

v 3.3.0 11-Apr-2012

  • Added progress/cancel support to Riemersma.
  • Added post log submit if something goes wrong.
  • Patch- Custom pattern load doesn't work for files.
  • Win- Patch- Avoid dialog box without parent.

v 3.2.4 02-Apr-2012

  • Win- Patch- Fixed crashes due to UI internals bugs.

v 3.2.3 26-Mar-2012

  • Patch - Crash or freeze when used with processors without SSE2 support (restored compatiblity, lost on v 3.2.0)
    (AMD Athlon/Duron/Sempron or Intel Pentium III)
  • Win - Tested on Photo-Brush, Image Explorer Pro, QFX/LE, Digital Darkroom, PhotoFiltre + PhotoshopFilter and Artweaver Plus.
  • Win - Patch- Solved crash in PhotoshopFilter (allocation).
  • Win - Slightly modified XP UI

v 3.2.2 17-Mar-2012

  • Win - Updated compiler. Performance enhancements, particularly in 64 bit
    For instance NLM denoise time down 15% on 64
    Now the minimum required version of windows is XP SP2
  • Win - Added PicMaster and Focus PhotoEditor to the compatibility list
  • Win - Patch - Internal UI loop issue.
  • Win - Patch - Revised crash guards
  • Win - Patch - Tooltip issue.

v 3.2.1 08-Mar-2012

  • Win- Patch - Assertion error messages when zooming.
  • Win- Patch - Repeated RegisterClass error messages.
  • Mac- Updated compiler (3.1)

v 3.2.0 28-Feb-2012

  • Win/Mac- Patch- Solved issue with floating selections in Photoshop
  • Win/Mac- Multithreading library updated.
  • Mac- Huge performance enhancements in some algorithms.
    For instance NLM denoise elapsed time down to 50% of previous (32 bit 60% 64 bit 45%)
  • Mac- Patch- Solved problems in Mac 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac- Patch- Crash guards don't work as expected
  • Mac- Compiler changed.
  • Mac- Minimum OS X version is now 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Win- Patch- Crash guards don't work as expected
  • Win- Added internal CUDA test.
  • Win- Solved crashes (reported by users)

v 3.1.0 28-Apr-2011

  • Added smart filter support (CS3/CS4/CS5)
  • Win- Patch- Editing numeric text field doesn't update associated updown control
  • Win- Patch- Crash when closing the plug-in, using OK or Cancel, detected on several editors (PS CS5, GIMP, ...)

v 3.0.2 19-Apr-2011

  • Win- Patch- Crash when closing the plug-in, if a progress bar appears after hitting OK. (detected on PS CS3 + XP)
  • Win- Patch- Disable plug-in window when opening a child window (f.i. progress bar)
  • Win- Patch- Disable double click on title bar
  • Win- Patch- Catch plug-in errors and avoid host crash whenever possible

v 3.0.1 11-Apr-2011

  • Win- Use XP style for UI even if the plug-in host don't use it (f.i. GIMP)
  • Win- Patch - Error in preview paint which could crash the plug-in
  • Win- Tested with new hosts Paint.NET, NiGulp, RealWorld Paint.COM, ImageN.
  • Win- Patch - Plug-ins without product version crash(f.i. Magix Photo Designer)
  • Win- Patch - Workaround for bug in Magix PhotoDesigner when used with a selection mask
  • Mac- Patch - Page scroll don't work as expected where smooth scroll is active

v 3.0.0 29-Mar-2011

  • First version. splitted from Quantizer