Ximagic Photoshop plugins
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  • Total Variation denoising
  • GPU support
  • Ease multi-step work


v 4.9.4 1-May-2015

  • Fixed issue in plug-in activation.

v 4.9.3 30-Mar-2015

  • Fixed potential issue in plug-in start.

v 4.9.2 23-Feb-2015

  • Modified Saved Previews table to enhance visibility.

v 4.9.1 20-Feb-2015

  • Win64- Anisotropic diffusion. Workaround for vc++ 2013 compiler bug

v 4.9.0 18-Feb-2015

  • Optimization of DCT algorithm (Windows -15% time, OSX -20% time)
  • Win- Added support for high DPI monitors on DPI-aware hosts (like Photoshop)
  • Fixed "not enough memory" bug when processing very large images
  • Win- Fixed crash when calling different Ximagic plug-ins in the same host session
  • Updated compilers and external libraries
  • Mac- Minimum OS X version is now 10.7 (Lion)

v 4.8.1 08-Dec-2012

  • Win- Fixed v 4.8.0 doesn't work on windows XP (due to InitializeCriticalSectionEx).

v 4.8.0 05-Dec-2012

  • NLM processing time decreased by 30% to 50% depending on machine characteristics. The decrease is greater (40% to 60%) in the 32 bit OSX version due to a compiler bug which affected previous versions.
  • DCT processing time decreased by 30% to 40% depending on machine characteristics.
  • Updated all the external libraries

v 4.7.3 04-Nov-2012

  • Fixed bug in version check. Versions 4.7.0 to 4.7.2 doesn't show new version notifications.

v 4.7.2 01-Nov-2012

  • Fixed bug in log code

v 4.7.1 31-Oct-2012

  • Mac- Fixed bug in UI code

v 4.7.0 30-Oct-2012

  • Changed licence to shareware
  • Reduced memory usage in NLM enhanced
  • Fixed bug in images with size > 30.000
  • Changed low memory switch. Now all methods excluding DWT/CWT and Anisotropic works with low memory requirements.
  • Decreased communication with server
  • Win- patched UI code

v 4.6.5 03-Sep-2012

  • Fixed bug in multi-thread control.
  • Win- Avoid crashes when there are unexpected exceptions in UI code.

v 4.6.4 13-Aug-2012

  • Win- Fixed GDI leak. The plgug-ins could crash if used more than 50 times (more or less) in the same host session
  • Win- Fixed bug in progress window. The plug-in could freeze if the progress window is moved when the calculation finish.
  • Win- Fixed modal behavoir. Fix some problems in PSPI.
  • Changes in log

v 4.6.3 29-Jul-2012

  • Log size decreased
  • Win- Close gracefully when there are GDI errors.
  • Win- Remove some log sends.

v 4.6.2 26-Jul-2012

  • Bug fixes.
  • Changes to the log.
  • Changes to the SystemInfo.

v 4.6.1 18-Jul-2012

  • Fix for PS 5 and PixBuilder

v 4.6.0 17-Jul-2012

  • Added embedded ICC profile support.
  • Partial saved previews automatically positioned.
  • Data added to System Information
  • Log changes
  • Win- Fixed crash when sending log before About window
  • Win- Fixed potential freeze due to focus issue.
  • Win- Fixed bug when closing with ALT+F4 or CRTL-Int
  • Win- Changes in SystemInfo/CheckMemory window
  • Win- Internal loop changes.
  • Mac- Fixed warning "unexpected condition preview 2"

v 4.5.6 24-Jun-2012

  • Internal change which reduces calculation times, amount varies for each plugin/method and image size
  • Updated threading library.
  • Somes fixes in System Info (time & address win).
  • Win - Fixed bug in progress control with could crash the plug-in.
  • Win - guarded multiprocessed code against exceptions.
  • Win - Tested with PixBuilder.

v 4.5.5 08-Jun-2012

  • Fixed performance bug in DCT, 15% increase in processing time.
  • Win- Saved previews bugs. Doesn't update when using up or down keys. Doesn't scroll when selected line is not visible.
  • Mac- Saved previews bug. Doesn't scroll when selected line is not visible.
  • Win- Log two exceptions not included in log.

v 4.5.4 05-Jun-2012

  • Fixed two small memory leaks in low memory DWT and CWT

v 4.5.3 05-Jun-2012

  • Decreased memory requirement for low memory DWT/CWT around 12%
  • Check memory - fixed calculations for DWT/CWT in low memory mode. Added NLM Enhanced. Result can now can be copied.
  • Fixed bug in DWT/CWT when 2nd o 3rd channel are not processed.
  • System info - Fixed modality, removed ocl and free memory when not reported.

v 4.5.2 01-Jun-2012

  • Fixed bug which could freeze of plug-in host after a "not enough memory" message.
  • Fixed bug which could crash plug-in when sending log.
  • Win- Added option to copy log to clipboard before sending it.
  • Win- Recovered OK button in About window.
  • Win- Buttons on some dialogs changed to display english text instead of local.

v 4.5.1 29-May-2012

  • Fixed bug in new memory management. This bug makes DCT method crash.

v 4.5.0 29-May-2012

  • New low memory mode for DWT and CWT decreases 30-40% memory required
  • Changed memory management to be able to use host and os memory.
  • Added post log submit when not enough memory

v 4.4.1 13-May-2012

  • Win- Disabled multithreading in systems without SSE2 support. Speed up processing and solves crash in non SSE machines.
  • Win- Modify log to take into account simultaneous execution in several processes.
  • Mac- Solved freeze when the application becomes non-active during processing.
  • Mac- Tentative solution for crash when opening the plug-in.
  • Win/Mac- Changed "low memory mode" default to true. The advantages of large memory mode (processing time 3% smaller at best) doesn't justify the disadvantages (processing time could be very large and could even don't work at all if memory is not enough).

v 4.4.0 05-May-2012

  • Added System info button, to be used for user support
  • Leak hunting. Several memory leaks found and solved
  • Mac - Deep internal rework

v 4.3.1 12-Apr-2012

  • Guard against comm related errors.

v 4.3.0 11-Apr-2012

  • Added post log submit if something goes wrong.
  • Win- Patch- Avoid dialog box without parent.

v 4.2.5 02-Apr-2012

  • Win- Patch- Fixed crashes due to UI internals bugs.

v 4.2.4 28-Mar-2012

  • Anisotropic - Corrected wrong progress indicator and added cancel support.

v 4.2.3 26-Mar-2012

  • Patch - Crash or freeze when used with processors without SSE2 support (restored compatiblity, lost on v 4.2.0)
    (AMD Athlon/Duron/Sempron or Intel Pentium III)
  • Win - Tested on Photo-Brush, Image Explorer Pro, QFX/LE, Digital Darkroom, PhotoFiltre + PhotoshopFilter and Artweaver Plus.
  • Win - Patch- Solved crash in PhotoshopFilter (allocation).
  • Win - Slightly modified XP UI

v 4.2.2 17-Mar-2012

  • Win - Updated compiler. Performance enhancements, particularly in 64 bit
    For instance NLM denoise time down 15% on 64
    Now the minimum required version of windows is XP SP2
  • Win - Added PicMaster and Focus PhotoEditor to the compatibility list
  • Win - Patch - Internal UI loop issue.
  • Win - Patch - Revised crash guards
  • Win - Patch - Tooltip issue.

v 4.2.1 08-Mar-2012

  • Win- Patch - Assertion error messages when zooming.
  • Win- Patch - Repeated RegisterClass error messages.
  • Mac- Updated compiler (3.1)

v 4.2.0 28-Feb-2012

  • Win/Mac- Patch- Solved issue with floating selections in PS
  • Win/Mac- Multithreading library updated.
  • Mac- Huge performance enhancements in some algorithms.
    For instance NLM denoise elapsed time down to 50% of previous (32 bit 60% 64 bit 45%)
  • Mac- Patch- Solved problems in Mac 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac- Patch- Wrong output in "show processing time"
  • Mac- Patch- Crash guards don't work as expected
  • Mac- Compiler changed.
  • Mac- Minimum OS X version is now 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
  • Win- Patch- Crash guards don't work as expected
  • Win- Added internal CUDA test.
  • Win- Solved crashes (reported by users)

v 4.1.0 28-Apr-2011

  • Added smart filter support (CS3/CS4/CS5)
  • Win- Patch- Editing numeric text field doesn't update associated updown control
  • Win- Patch- Crash when closing the plug-in, using OK or Cancel, detected on several editors (PS CS5, GIMP, ...)

v 4.0.2 19-Apr-2011

  • Win- Patch- Crash when closing the plug-in, if a progress bar appears after hitting OK. (detected on PS CS3 + XP)
  • Win- Patch- Disable plug-in window when opening a child window (f.i. progress bar)
  • Win- Patch- Disable double click on title bar
  • Win- Patch- Catch plug-in errors and avoid host crash whenever possible
  • Mac- Patch- Denoiser crash when using OK with partial preview visible

v 4.0.1 11-Apr-2011

  • Win- Use XP style for UI even if the plug-in host don't use it (f.i. GIMP)
  • Win- Patch - Error in preview paint which could crash the plug-in
  • Win- Tested with new hosts Paint.NET, NiGulp, RealWorld Paint.COM, ImageN.
  • Win- Patch - Plug-ins without product version crash(f.i. Magix Photo Designer)
  • Win- Patch - Workaround for bug in Magix PhotoDesigner when used with a selection mask
  • Mac- Patch - Page scroll don't work as expected where smooth scroll is active

v 4.0.0 29-Mar-2011

  • New UI design
  • Added automatic saved previews
  • Added 64 bit support for Mac
  • Added Color Denoise option. Usable for color channel recovery

v 3.2.11 02-Dec-2010

  • Patch - Process escape key
  • Patch - Crash when using partial preview with image smaller than preview.
  • Patch - Wrong CIELab paint background.
  • Optimized preview paint

v 3.2.10 16-Nov-2010

  • Patch - bug in partial preview
  • Tested with PhotoFiltre Studio X, Helicon Filter

v 3.2.9 15-Nov-2010

  • Patch - progress dialog could crash plug-in

v 3.2.8 15-Nov-2010

  • Patch - Check memory window don't show method name
  • Patch - Plugin could crash at start due to win32 api problem
  • Patch - Image paint reworked to avoid flicker
  • CIELab enabled again after flicker problem resolved

v 3.2.7 08-Nov-2010

  • Patch - Cancel button don't work in progress window
  • Patch - Avoid jumps when scrolling previews.
  • Removed CIELab mode for RGB images.

v 3.2.6 02-Nov-2010

  • Patch - bug in spin controls (win32)
  • Patch - bug in image repaint (win32)
  • Reduced image repaint times

v 3.2.5 25-Oct-2010

  • Patch - Crash checking version - replaced network library.

v 3.2.4 21-Sep-2010

  • Patch - Progress bar bug (windows).
  • Patch - Dialog not centered (windows).
  • Moved view processing time check (windows).

v 3.2.3 07-Sep-2010

  • Patch - restored Windows 98 compatibility.

v 3.2.2 04-Sep-2010

  • Patch - restored Windows 2000 compatibility.
  • Patch - modified Mac version check

v 3.2.1 27-Jul-2010

  • Reworked Mac user interface
  • Modified version check to avoid long wait times
  • Internal changes

v 3.2.0 12-Jul-2010

  • First Mac OS X version
  • Added automatic check for newer versions
  • Patch - NLM. The result could be wrong due to uninitialized data.
  • Patch - DCT. The result could be wrong due to uninitialized data.
  • Changed "Blend outliers only" option to "Preserve noise"

v 3.1.2 15-Jun-2010

  • Patch - bug in Lab/Grayscale image mode.

v 3.1.1 31-May-2010

  • Patch - Apply to channel 1 must be enabled when processing grayscale.

v 3.1.0 28-May-2010

  • Enable processing of Lab images (8/16 bits).
  • Added input colorspace to UI

v 3.0.2 26-May-2010

  • Enable processing of GrayScale images (8/16 bits).
  • Patch - Partial preview crash when using zoom != 1 near bottom/right edges.

v 3.0.1 24-May-2010

  • Patch - MP version crash on 32 bits processors without SSE2 (Intel P II or older and all AMD).
  • Patch - Window layout

v 3.0.0 24-May-2010

  • Added partial preview (Results for Wavelets and Anisotropic are approximate)
  • Added SSE support for DCT (processing time down to -30%)
  • Added SSE support for NLM (processing time down to -50%)
  • Reduced memory requirements
  • Added low memory mode
  • Added memory check button
  • Updated ITK
  • Updated TBB

v 2.10.2 14-Apr-2010

  • Patch - return to compatibility with windows 2K (from v 2.12.0)
  • Patch - 64 bit version loading problems on Photoshop CS4 64 (from v 2.12.0)

v 2.10.1 03-Mar-2010

  • Resized dialog window

v 2.10.0 02-Mar-2010

  • Added version for 64-bit plugin hosts (Photoshop CS4-64 and compatibles).

v 2.9.0 13-Feb-2010

  • Changed multi processor library from OpenMP to TBB. Performs better on loaded systems.
  • Suppressed msi and exe installers.

v 2.8.2 12-Feb-2010

  • Patch - NLM performance bug (from v 2.8.0).
  • Patch - NLM algorithm.

v 2.8.1 10-Feb-2010

  • Changed default colorspace to YCbCr.
  • Set channel check/radio buttons description according to selected colorspace.
  • Small internal changes in DCT and NLM processing.

v 2.8.0 02-Feb-2010

  • Added support for 16 bit per channel images (preview still 8 bits)
  • Selection mask applied in preview
  • Reduced memory usage (5% ->)

v 2.7.1 25-Jan-2010

  • Enabled textual input of values.
  • Added ranges to tool tips.
  • Added support for Vicman Photo Editor.
  • Added support for Chasys Draw.
  • Added some guards against buggy hosts (hostsProcs, copy alpha, copy on cancel, displayPixels)
  • Patch - Tab order corrected.
  • Patch - Changed configuration directory to standard place CSIDL_APPDATA. (stored parameters/user thresholds will be lost).
  • Patch - Reading inexistent parameters from xml don't get default value.
  • Patch - Blend outliers is not stored/applied in batch.
  • Patch - Removed userenv.dll and version.dll dependencies.

v 2.7.0 13-Jan-2010

  • Parameter storage moved from windows registry to xml file. (stored parameters/user thresholds will be lost).
  • Added compatibility with windows 95/98/ME.
  • Added validation when reading stored/script parameters.
  • Patch - channel processing is not stored/applied in batch.

v 2.6.3 12-Jan-2010

  • Patch - Added compatibility with Fireworks 2004 MX (with issue: always recalculate when OK pressed).
  • Patch - Added compatibility with Xara X1.

v 2.6.2 07-Jan-2010

  • Patch - Progress dialog should not be resizable

v 2.6.1 05-Jan-2010

  • Patch. CWT always apply filter to all channels. (from v 2.5.3)
  • Patch. Wavelets mode parameter not stored between calls. (from v 2.6.0)

v 2.6.0 04-Jan-2010

  • Added support for Photoshop actions and batch operations

v 2.5.3 29-Dec-2009

  • CWT Memory requirements -33%.
  • CWT progress patch.
  • Tested up to 4896 x 3264 image (Canon 16.1 MP). Previous versions was tested up to 4288 x 2848 (Nikon 12.3 MP)

v 2.5.2 11-Dec-2009

  • GIMP patch - failures when using selection masks.
  • Small change in CIELab conversion

v 2.5.1 23-Nov-2009

  • Added CIELab color space
  • NLM scale * 10 and smaller step, to give finer control
  • Patch to enhanced NLM, sometimes give wrong pixels
  • NLM tool tips
  • Preview Patch 1 - Change to color space when showing only original and with a component selected don't refresh the preview
  • Preview Patch 2 - Images smaller than preview window fails when using zoom
  • Small reduction in CWT memory requirements

v 2.5.0 10-Nov-2009

  • Removed tri-state median
  • Merged gauss and bilateral
  • Added enhanced NLM and conservative option
  • Added blend outliers option
  • Started work on tile processing

v 2.4.0 16-Oct-2009

  • Added Center Weighted (CWM) and Tri-State (TSM) median filters.
  • NLM processing time -4%

v 2.3.1 28-Aug-2009

  • Preview button enable/disable

v 2.3.0 25-Aug-2009

  • Added preview zoom
  • Added view reset button
  • Solved bug in spin controls (wrong value after arrow change)
  • Solved bug in reset parameters (in scroll bars)

v 2.2.1 19-Aug-2009

  • NLM processing time -20%
  • DWT Q3 processing time -10% (Q2 -9%, Q1 -7%, CWT -3%)
  • Processing times for 2848 x 4288 image = 12 MP (Q6660 4 cores 3,2 MHz)
    MethodMP Time sec
    DWT Q369
    An Diff37
    DWT Q219
    DWT Q17

v 2.2.0 13-Aug-2009

  • NLM Processing time -45%
  • DWT Added Bayes Shrink

v 2.1.2 30-Jul-2009

  • Preview window synchronized with scrollbars
  • NLM processing time -5%.

v 2.1.1 28-Jul-2009

  • Added new option to get total processing time
  • Solved bug in CWT soft threshold (blur too low)
  • DCT Progress indicator changed to 1 step

v 2.1.0 27-Jul-2009

  • Wavelets reworked, two versions DWT (overcomplete) and CWT (complex)
  • DWT with quality 1 approximately equal to the previous method
  • Added MP support to wavelets
  • Changed parameter layout
  • Added tool tips to parameters

v 2.0.2 15-Jul-2009

  • Changed NLM max learn radius to 16
  • Changed DCT max radius to 16
  • Changed wavelet min threshold to 200
  • Changed default YCbCr to yes
  • Changed NLM default sigma to 2
  • Small patch for MP in DCT
  • Reworked samples and added some comments. Added twilight sample.
  • Slightly reworked usage page

v 2.0.1 10-Jul-2009

  • Solved bug in NLM (black-RGB or green-YCbCr points).
  • Solved bug in progress bar.
  • Changed version numbering.

v 2.00 25-Jun-2009

  • First MP version (for multicore, multiprocessor or hyperthreads) All algorithms excluding Anisotropic diffusion which is already multiprocessing and wavelets.
  • Changed installation method

v 1.91 23-Jun-2009

  • Patch in reset parameters (wavelets)

v 1.90 22-Jun-2009

  • NLM Enhancements (time -40%, memory -40%)
  • Bilateral Enhancements (time -20%, memory -40%)
  • DCT Enhancements (time -25%)
  • Added Anisotropic progress information

v 1.80 14-Jun-2009

  • Added progress indicator and process cancel
  • Smaller memory requirements for wavelets
  • Avoid recalculation on OK button when applicable

v 1.73 10-Jun-2009

  • Memory management enhancements and patching
  • Testing with PhotoPerfect/FixFoto 2.92

v 1.72 05-Jun-2009

  • Change to make it work with Photobie

v 1.71 04-Jun-2009

  • Patch in preview code.

v 1.70 02-Jun-2009

  • Added soft threshold option to wavelet
  • Changed wavelet transform
  • DCT performance enhancement (-30% time)
  • Changed UI, now preview becomes blank when a parameter is changed

v 1.60 29-May-2009

  • Added channel view selection
  • Added equalized noise preview

v 1.51 27-May-2009

  • Patches in preview display

v 1.50 27-May-2009

  • Added preview
  • Catch memory allocation failures
  • Dialog closing delayed to end of processing.

v 1.41 07-May-2009

  • Solved bug in channel processing

v 1.40 07-May-2009

  • Added Gauss method
  • Added channel selection

v 1.32 23-April-2009

  • Patched alpha channels process

v 1.31 23-April-2009

  • Corrected valid image modes.

v 1.30 21-April-2009

  • Changes in UI

v 1.20 20-April-2009

  • Added DCT method.

v 1.12 10-Mar-2009

  • Solved registry bug in windows 2000/XP .

v 1.11 10-Mar-2009

  • Enabled storing parameters in GIMP.

v 1.10 09-Mar-2009

  • Parameters stored in windows registry instead of Photoshop registry.

v 1.01 24-Feb-2009

  • Remove dependency from MSVCRT90

v 1.00 16-Feb-2009

  • Initial version.